Will you reply to this-


Whats 6x6?


Some of your pictures look stupid, you're also immature.

... I shall not reply to such an immature comment and stupid mind. Your kind disgust me.

Who is Jenna?


Why is your name Zanzos?

It sounds snakish.

Is it close to midnight?


Are you racist?

No, nor am do I have anything against any religion, Jews and Christians, I don't mind any of them.

Who am I?

The bounty hunter.

Are you dumb?

Who said I was smart? who said I was dumb? Nobody.

Do you like ICarly?

Yes and no, I don't really care nor know ICarly, I just added it.

Why am I mad?

Obviously you lost a game of Pokemon and decided to ask me.

Who is the bounty hunter?

Wrong book!

Why do you hate me for no reason?

If you mean haters, yes, but it is THEM hating on me for no reason. Any questions?


By emotion and heart.

Do you like Mexican rice?

Used to, but I'm now a snake, therefore no. (I still do.)

How old am I?

1, I took the ''I'' as a roman numeral.

What is love?

It's complicated! 

I hate you.

Awww... did I add an unwashed underwear in your diet soda? DEAL WITH IT!

Why Jenna?

 Why ask?

Who do you believe is the true god?

 God is not man or animal... the Earth mother is the true god. Leave those churches to the ''god'' they believe in.

Your stupid.


Retire from books and make movies.

Sorry, I don't have the proper amount of retirement money... looks like we'll have to wait.


 Perhaps your son has read the age restriction on each book, no? Thus that proves how much of a horrible mother you are, NEXT!

Ever watched the new movie Brave?

 Aye me'lord.

What? how did Jenna marry Romeo?

Read the home page for your answer.

Whats water?

 I don't know.

How do you type?

 How did you type?

Do you hate Justin Bieber?

 From now on, he's the least of my worries.

Why did you add Samuel?

 I wanted to add a British guy in my book, I also wanted to add a fox to tell the readers that I admire the classic movie ''the fox and the hound''. So there was birth of Samuel, Samuel was first to be Danial's second companion, but I just decided that this was about JENNA.

Zanzos, tell me: can you make a list of the four books you made that was inspired by something... if you know what I mean.

I understand:

-Balro's quests: this book was inspired by the love shot by the movie: Balto, and the game: World of Warcraft

-The legend of Crypto: This book actually randomly came to mind after watching game play of the video game: the legend of Spyro.

-Dawn of the bounty hunter: The most greatest book was inspired by the most greatest planned video game I ever played: Oddworld, Stranger's wrath.

-The tale of Jenna: There was MANY deleted stuff from this book, however worth it for the loving reminder of Jenna from the movie: Balto.

That's all.

Whats your most favorite character you ever made:

I got multiple, but I'll have to say: Martin Pon Peter, Martin was my most favorite character I made yet. How? I don't know! Ha ha ha!

What do you think of the movie Balto?

I salute it, it makes Balto look like the greatest American hero I have ever seen.


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