If you ever watched the movie ''Balto'' Jenna in this book looks VERY similar to the one in the movie, just with blue fur and a curved tail. Just so you know. How fun!


''Here you go Danial, Merry Christmas.'' Danial's father said, handing his 6-year old son a present. ''Thanks dad.'' Danial thanked. Danial grabbed the present and unwrapped it. And out came a little, tiny, 2-year old female blue highborn pup. Danial was adored and grabbed the pup by the front legs and hugged her. The pup hugged back. 

The pup walked through the laundry room, The pup walked near a laundry basket, but Danial popped out and startled the pup. The pup jumped up at Danial and cuddled near Danial.

At 8:01 PM, Danial was sleeping in his bed, but the pup was trying to climb up the bed. The pup slipped but Danial grabbed the pup just on time, Danial hugged the pup and laid her on the bed, but the pup climbed up Danial's body, yawned, then fell asleep, her nose trickled Danial's chin. Danial's mom came into the room. ''Aww, she's cute.'' Danial's mom commented. ''What are you going to name her?'' Danial thought for a moment for the most beautifulest name he heard, he did read Balro's quests. ''Jenna'' Danial replied. ''Her name is Jenna.'' Danial hugged Jenna and fell asleep.

The Alpha Howl library presents:

The tale of Jenna

Chapter 1

 Rise of the Blue Highborn

I woke up, the alarm near Danial's bed rang with news. ''Good morning America! today is a bright and sunny day along with thirty days left for the solar eclipse-'' Danial pressed the ''awake'' button on the clock and glanced up at me. ''Good morning Jenna.'' Danial said, petting me. I jumped off of Danial and put on his shoes, then brushed my head along his chest. Danial got up and filled my food bowl with breakfast. I walked to it and started eating. Danial ate his breakfast and prepared for school. ''Five more days left until I leave collage.'' Danial reminded himself. Danial said goodbye to me and left. I finished my breakfast and hopped onto the bed, and watched some movies until Danial's arrival, I cycled through the channels. '' 'Cause this is Thriller!- what's up doc?- cheese Grommet!-'' I stopped on Nickelodeon and watched ICarly.

After a few hours of watching TV, Danial returned, and I turned off the TV.  Danial brought a book with him.

The legend of Crypto.

Danial put the book down on a desk and wrapped his arms around my neck, on the bed until night. ''Jenna, I've been thinking... do you get lonely here?'' Danial asked. Moonlight hit my face. ''Not at all.'' I replied. Danial sighed. ''Tell the truth.'' Danial ordered. ''Really, not at all.'' I replied. Danial remained silent for a while. ''Come sit with me.'' Danial said, standing up and grabbing the book. I followed him. He sat down on his rocking chair, and patted the chair, he was motioning me to sit with him. I jumped onto the chair. Danial opened the book and started reading it from the beginning. 

On chapter 6, I got tired, and slowly closed my eyes on Danial's shoulder.

I opened my eyes slowly. Danial was carrying me to the bed. He set me on the bed and brushed his teeth at the bathroom. And then came to the bed, and laid down on the right of me. He faced me and petted my neck. ''Good night Jenna.'' Danial said, kissing my neck. I fell asleep, and so did Danial.

Chapter 2

  4 days left

I woke up, the alarm clock saying the same thing as yesterday, just the solar eclipse was 29 days left was what changed. I yawned, stretched, and got off the bed. I put on Danial's shoes and he filled up my food bowl. I ate from the food bowl, and Danial sat by me. ''You know Jenna, do you want to go outside tomorrow?'' Danial asked. I was slightly astonished, I haven't been outside ever since Danial was moving out from . ''Feel like going outside, for once Jenna?'' Danial asked. I whimpered. ''Whimper once for no, whimper twice for yes.'' Danial asked. I thought then decided. I whimpered twice. Danial smiled. ''Alright, get ready to go on out.'' Danial informed, getting up.

After me and and Danial left the hotel, Danial kneeled down to me. ''Alright, listen up Jenna, you could do whatever you want out here, just don't wander off to far, and if you do ever want to get back in the hotel-'' Danial kissed me on the neck. ''-Find me girl...'' Danial got up and ran for the collage. I went over to the forest and explored around it. Birds sang an unfamiliar song. But I walked forward still, and hearing Danial's words echo in my thoughts. ''Don't wander off to far.'' The hotel was still in sight. I was starting to get thirsty, so I turned around and walked to the hotel. A dart flew into a tree in front of me. And then, I got hit by something, and fell to the floor, and got tired... and fell asleep.

Chapter 3

 Captured by poachers

I opened my eye slightly, then halfway, then fully... two stranger's were leaning on the walls on both sides of me. ''We could skin her, and sell her.'' The one on the left said. ''You idiot! we're going to sell her to her owner, alive!" the other one said. There was a knock on the door. One of the poachers went to the door and opened it.

 "So you're finally here." 

"I've come for Jenna."

"Yes, yes, you're useless dog, I know." 

The poacher stuck out his hand at Danial, and Danial handed over some of his collage savings. "more." the poacher demanded. Danial gave more of his collage savings. "that dumb she-dog of yours is worth more than that!" the poacher demanded. Danial pulled out his last collage savings and payed up. And that amused the dog-nappers and my cage flew open. I jumped out and leaped at Danial. He managed to catch me. Tears rolled down my cheeks. And we gone home.

Chapter 4

   We got choices.

I laid on Danial's lap, sobbing softly. However, it was night."So, what did those two bullies want to do with my beautiful dog?" Danial asked. I sniffed. "They threatened to skin me and-" I sniffed before continuing."sell my pelt." I replied. Danial sighed. "Cruel brutes." Danial murmured. "But why did you pay all of your collage savings just for me?" I asked. "Jenna, you're like my own daughter, and a daughter slash son is worth more than mullah." Danial said. I sniffed. "Really?" I asked. Danial smiled and nodded. I smiled too, got up and hugged Danial, Danial hugged back. "Two days from now, I have to pay for the apartment, and getting a job won't help unless they pay $55 a day." Danial said.  I thought for a minute. I had an idea after ten minutes. " How about a lottery?" I asked. Danial remained silent for a while. "Maybe... But if we don't, then we'll be living in the trees." Danial said. I whimpered. I looked up at Danial, he was smiling down at me. "what's say we watch nick?" Danial asked. I nodded. Danial grabbed the remote and changed to Nick. The penguins of Madagascar.I sat up and laid my head against Danial's shoulder.

Chapter 5


I woke up, and my jaw was on top of Danial's head. ''Jenna, do you mind getting your jaw off my head please?'' Danial asked. I got up. ''Sorry.'' I apologized. Danial got up. ''It's okay.'' He said. Danial stretched and filled up my food bowl. I hopped off the bed and ate what was in the food bowl. Danial ate his breakfast. After eating, he put on his backpack and almost headed out the door. But then I noticed something. ''Danial.'' I said. Danial stopped and glanced at me. ''How come I can talk?'' I asked. Danial went over to me. ''I found moonlight candles around the fountain and put them in the room while you were sleeping.'' Danial replied. ''Moonlight candles?'' I asked. Danial nodded. ''Well, I just wished to ask... are we going to win that lottery?'' I asked. Danial kneeled before me and patted my neck. ''We'll have to wait and see girl.'' Danial replied. Danial kissed me on the neck and left. Locking the door behind him. I hopped on the bed and watched Nickelodeon.

After Danial returned, he grabbed the remote and turned to the lottery station.

''We will now announce the winner of the $40,000,000 lottery!'' The announcer said. ''Just on time.'' Danial said, hugging my neck. ''And the winner is...'' I had high hopes. ''23906!'' The announcer said. Danial read his lottery tickets, he had five. ''35789... no, 29786... no.'' Danial went to the third ticket and his eyes grew. ''We got it Jenna!'' Danial cheered.

Chapter 6

  Blaze of glory.

We had $40,000,000. We won the lottery, so Danial promised me a very large house that we both can live in once he graduated. And we were able to fall asleep this night.

Danial brushed his teeth, and hopped on the bed. I climbed on the bed and laid down on Danial, Danial covered my body with the blanket and wrapped his arms around me, and that made me feel safe...

Chapter 7

  2 days remaining.

''Jenna! Jenna! wake up!'' Danial ordered softly. My eyes opened slowly. ''Time to get up Jenna.'' Danial said. I got up and hopped off the bed. Danial got up and stretched, then he filled up my food bowl with breakfast. I ate what was in it. Danial glanced at me with a worried expression, just not with wide eyes. ''Whats wrong Danial?'' I asked. ''I'm just worried those two hunters will break in and capture you again.'' Danial replied. ''I'm pretty sure neighbors will hear.'' I replied. Danial cheered up. ''Never thought of that.'' Danial confessed. Danial put on his backpack and went outside. Locking the door behind him. I hopped on the bed and watched Nick. And after hours of watching, I fell asleep.

Chapter 8

  1 day remaining.

I woke up, I was on Danial's body. And he was still sleeping. I hopped off the bed., grabbed the dog food bag with my mouth, and filled my food bowl. I slightly overfilled it but I've managed to do it correctly. I put the bag in the closet and ate what was in my bowl , then slipped Danial's shoes on. Danial woke up when I did that. Danial got up and stretched. ''Morning Jenna.'' Danial said, stretching. I opened the closet with his breakfast and he walked over to it. He got his breakfast and filled up his bowl. ''Did you already have breakfast?'' Danial asked. ''Yep.'' I replied. Danial smiled. ''You're growing up girl.'' Danial said. I felt as heroic as Balro. Danial put on his backpack and left , murmuring: ''the last day of school.'' Once he left, I locked the door and watched the TV until Danial returned.

Chapter 9


After Danial graduated, Danial breached the door with his arms raised. ''Pack your bags Jenna! we're moving!'' Danial cheered. I barked with joy and hugged Danial. Danial hugged back. "Guess where we're moving?" Danial asked. " A new house?" I guessed. "Close enough!" Danial replied with joy in his voice. "We're moving to California, San Fransisco!" Danial informed. 

Chapter 10

  A nice house

 Danial finally packed all the bags and put them in the car. ''Alright Jenna, we're ready to go.'' Danial informed. Once I was about to leave, I looked behind me, The apartment was a very nice place, I just hope that the house was better.

I hopped in the front seat, next to the driver's seat, Danial closed my door and Danial went into the driver's seat, he closed the door and we headed for Colorado.

Chapter 11

     More like a mansion

I opened my eyes slowly. ''We're here Jenna.'' Danial said. Danial was shaking me softly. I opened my eyes fully and he stopped shaking me. Danial got out of the car and opened my door. I hopped out and looked at the house. It was actually more like a mansion. Danial went by me and patted my head. ''What do you think?'' Danial asked. I wagged my tail in order to communicate. ''I'll take that as a ''good'' signal.'' Danial replied. Danial and I walked into the house, it was pretty big living room. Two stairs on the left and right went up to the second floor, and there was a door ahead to. ''Alright Jenna, here we are.'' Danial said. I wagged my tail. The house was neat. Danial put suitcases down in one corner. ''Follow me, Jenna.'' Danial ordered. Danial walked up stairs, and I followed him. Danial opened a door and went in. I followed him inside, it was a bedroom. It had a master bed, a drawer, a table near the bed, a big TV on the right once you enter, a closet, and a window. ''Nice, no?'' Danial asked. I wagged my tail some more. Danial and I walked out of the bedroom.

Danial left me in the mansion alone, he went to buy some decorations. I explored the house a little. The door that was between the stairs led to the basement. And one door on the second floor was the guest room. And that was basically all the rooms. I waited for Danial's arrival. After ten minutes, Danial arrived, dragging a small wooden table. Danial dragged it up to the bedroom. Once he reached it, he went back down and dragged a big plastic and metal table that was folded up. He left it in the living room and unfolded it, it was a fairly big table. Danial then closed the front door and locked it. Then, he went to the suitcases and opened it. He bought some moonlight candles out, he set two on the big table, and one in the bedroom. Danial stretched. ''Alright, we're done, Jenna.'' Danial informed, stretching. I wagged my tail. Danial also put a clock in the bedroom. wrapped his arms around me and picked me up, he hugged me and we went into the bedroom. Danial set me down on the bed, and Danial sat down on the bed, it was comfy. Danial grabbed the remote and we watched Nickelodeon, and the legend of Korra was on. I loved the last air bender series when I was a pup, I sometimes dreamed of being a human, and being a water bender. Amon laid two fingers on Korra's neck. ''No!'' Korra begged. ''Korra!'' Mako gasped. Amon laid two fingers on Korra's forehead and took away her bending. ''I told you I would destroy you.'' Amon taunted as Korra collapsed to the floor. I was pretty surprised, I didn't really expect Amon to take Korra's bending. At 9:00, Danial turned off the TV. ''Time to go to bed.'' Danial said. ''Did you brush your teeth?'' I asked. ''Yep.'' Danial replied. Danial grabbed the blanket. ''Come on, Jenna.'' Danial rushed. I crawled up on Danial's body and laid down on his stomach. Danial put the blanket over me. ''Good night, Jenna.'' Danial wished. ''Good night, Danial'' I wished back. And we both fell asleep.

Chapter 11

 Meet Samuel.

''Good morning America! there is only a remainder of 19 days left until the solar eclipse. Meanwhile- the legend of Crypto has just published and is very famou-'' Danial pressed the button on top of the radio and petted me. ''Good morning Jenna.'' Danial said. I got up and hopped off of Danial. Danial got up stretched. ''I was planning on watching Balto two, wolf quest.'' Danial confessed. I wagged my tail. There were no moonlight candles around. ''You think you can handle yourself while I get Balto two?'' Danial asked. I barked. Danial smiled and patted my on the head. I felt blessed with safety by Danial's smile. Danial put on a sweater and we went down to the lobby. Danial poured my food into my food bowl. I skipped over to it and ate what was inside. Danial stroked my body while I ate. After I finished, Danial stopped stroking me and ate his breakfast (It was Cheerios) Danial seemed fairly depressed. I hopped on the seat next to him on his right. Danial smiled and wrapped his arm around me. I felt good, and I could feel Danial's heart pump softly... meaning he is happy as well.
When Danial left, I felt a little lonely. There was nothing to do either. I just sat there waiting. I suddenly heard glass breaking. I was scared and hid under the stairs. I saw a shadowy figure going down the stairs... it was on all fours. I avoided breathing... it could be a fox but I didn't bother checking. The thing went over to the refrigerator and opened it. The door blocked the shadow. I snuck up to the fridge. The shadow was... a fox. The fox didn't see me but I do believe he heard me... (Fun fact: fox's ears are very powerful, they can hear any critter tunneling under snow that is at least four feet under the ground.) The fox looked back and saw me. ''Oh! I dare say, you scared me.'' The fox said. He was British. ''Who are you?'' I asked. ''Like the chapter says... my name is Samuel, kind mam.'' Samuel said. ''What chapter?'' I asked. ''It say- never mind.'' Samuel replied. Samuel hopped out of the fridge and closed the fridge door with his hind paw. ''And what might your name be mam?'' Samuel asked me. ''My name is Jenna.'' I replied. ''Nice to dearly meet you Jenny.'' Samuel said. ''I said ''Jenna.'' I repeated. ''Nice to ever so, dearly meet you, Jenna.'' Samuel repeated himself. ''How long are you going to stay?'' I asked. ''Until I ransacked enough food for the eclipse.'' Samuel replied. ''But that's our food.'' I said. ''You should've ate it.'' Samuel replied. I leaped at Samuel and pinned him to the ground. ''Oh please miss, it would be to uncivilized to fight a female where I come from.'' Samuel said. ''Well, I got the upper-hand.'' I replied. ''I thought you didn't have the right to fight missy.'' Samuel reminded. ''I do got the right to protect.'' I replied. Samuel slapped me and slipped out of my paws. I chased him. He went near the wall. I charged at him. Once I was about 3 feet away from him, he dodged my charge and I crashed head-first into the wall. Everything started getting blurred and I fell to the floor on my right. Samuel sat in front of. ''Such a shame-.'' Samuel said.

Chapter 12
   What the heck happened?

I woke up. White sheets covered me. Danial was on my right. ''Danial... where are we?'' I asked. ''We're in the hospital.'' Danial replied. I strained to get up but Danial put me down. ''Don't strain to hard, that nasty blow to the head really damaged you.'' Danial ordered. I got down, I was on a table. ''Damage?'' I asked. ''Brain damage.'' Danial said. ''Wait... how am I talking?'' I asked. Danial held up a moonlight candle. ''Oh.'' I sighed. I laid my head down. Danial stroked my body. ''I saw all the food gone from the refrigerator and then I saw you lying on the ground, what happened?'' Danial asked. ''Some British fox named Samuel broke through the window and raided the refrigerator, I tried to stop him but he made me crash into the wall headfirst.'' I replied. Danial sighed. ''When we get food... he's sure to come again.'' Danial said. ''Are you saying we get some bait?'' I asked. ''Yes.'' Danial replied. ''Did you bring Balto 2?'' I asked, staring up at him. He laid down Balto 2 near me. I smiled. ''How long will it take for me to recover?'' I asked. ''2 hours.'' Danial replied. ''Not bad...'' I commented.

Chapter 13
   Danial's plan.

 ''Danial, I thought you said two hours not twenty two hours.'' I complained. ''Yeah... kinda missed the other ''two''.'' Danial replied. ''Well this is just great.'' I muttered. ''Calm down, just relax to make it over with.'' Danial said. I breath heavily and laid my chin down on the table. My head was slightly aching but I was alright. ''Danial?'' I requested. ''Yes Jenna?'' Danial asked. ''Why do you think Samuel raided the fridge?'' I asked. ''He's a fox, he's hungry.'' Danial replied, chuckling.

I was released at 6:00 AM. The doctor went into the room and sat on my left. ''Well, she's in fine condition Mr.Danial.'' The doctor said. ''Can she go now doctor?'' Danial asked. ''Yes Mr.Danial.'' The doctor replied. The white sheets were removed and Danial picked me up and hugged me so that I I don't fall. Danial paid the doctors his money and we left.

Danial bought some food and put it in the fridge, but he also put a trap in the fridge as well. He said it was a ''springing boxing glove trap''... ''Alright, now we wait for him.'' Danial said. ''What are we going to do while we wait?'' I asked. Danial pointed at a window that Samuel broke through recently. ''I'm betting he will break in that window again, just a little more silently...'' Danial then pointed at the refrigerator. ''...he will then go to the refrigerator, where he will ransack the refrigerator, or at least attempt to.'' Danial continued. ''So what can we do while we wait?'' I asked. ''We'll watch Balto 2, while the windo- I mean ''door'' is open.'' Danial replied. ''Sounds like a plan.'' I encouraged, wagging my curved up tail. (My tail is curved and pointing upwards.) ''Alright, come along.'' Danial ordered. I followed Danial into the bedroom and we watched Balto 2.

I did watch Balto 2, and I was a lot like the Jenna in the movie, my tail was curved, my face and under my belly was white, and my legs and paws were tiny... the only difference was the fur and voice.

Once Balto 2 ended, we went downstairs to find a very big surprise... Samuel wasn't there but a well wrapped present was there instead. ''Stand back, Jenna, this could be possibly be a trap.'' Danial suggested. I stood on the top floor and watched Danial open the present... ''All clear.'' Danial announced. I approached as Danial threw the lid to the corner. I peaked at what was inside... a steak. And a note on the steak.

Dear Jennya,

   I'd like to apologize for the late night refrigerator raid yesterday, I'd like to make it up to you American folk, a nice little steak.


Danial wrapped the steak in plastic and put it in the fridge. ''We'll save it for now.'' Danial said. ''What if it is poisoned?'' I asked. ''Well, I'll taste it first once we eat it.'' Danial informed. I felt like a queen and Danial was both a poison checker and king.

Danial brushed his teeth and he laid down on the bed. I climbed up the bed and laid down on Danial, and the tip of my nose touched Danial's chin. Danial put the blanket over me. ''Good night Jenna.'' Danial yawned. Danial kissed my chin and we fell asleep. and we both fell asleep.

Chapter 14


I woke up, it was still night. But my stomach rumbled with hunger and it was still night. ''Danial?'' I requested. He was still sleeping. ''Danial?'' I requested again, this time a little louder. He still didn't reply. I hopped off of Danial and went to the door. I silently opened the creaking door. I went downstairs and grabbed the dog food with my mouth. I went to my food bowl, but knocked over a chair during the process. I heard Danial get up from the bed. I let go of the dog food and stared at the bedroom door. ''Who's there?'' Danial asked. I tried to reply but there was no moonlight. Danial was holding something in his right hand while he as going down the stairs. He had it pointing up at the ceiling. I didn't want to startle Danial. ''Is that you Jenna?'' Danial asked, still holding the thing up at the ceiling. I slowly walked up to Danial. Danial sighed and lowered the object down at the ground. Danial held up a moonlight candle. ''What is that your holding?'' I asked, wagging my tail with curiosity. ''It's called a gun.'' Danial replied. ''A... gun?'' I asked. ''Yes, you know that hunter in Balto 2? he had a gun.'' Danial said. Danial walked over to the dog food, picked it up and filled my food bowl. I skipped over to it and ate what was in the food bowl. Danial sat beside me and stroking my back...
Once I finished my snack, I laid by Danial and continued being stroked. But the moonlight candle started getting dim. And I closed my eyes once it blew out.

I woke up, Danial had his arms behind my back. And was carrying me to the bedroom. My paws and thin legs hung in front of me. Danial put me on the bed and I fell asleep.

Chapter 15
   Dinner at 9.

 ''Good morning America, there is a remainder of 5 days left until the solar ec-.'' Danial pressed the button on it and patted my head softly. ''Good morning Jenna.'' Danial said. I hopped off of Danial. Danial got up and stretched. ''Don't eat anything pass 9:00 PM Jenna.'' Danial ordered. I walked toward the moonlight candle. ''Why not?'' I asked. ''We're going to a pet-free restaurant.'' Danial replied. I nodded. Danial ate his breakfast and I ate mine.

At 9:00, Danial was in a fancy tuxedo. Black cloths, white bow tie, black shoes, black pants, and white shirt under that black shirt. Danial put a little pink flower in between my ear. ''You look very good Jenna.'' Danial complemented. I did feel good. ''I suppose it'll do.'' I said. Danial opened the door but stopped and turned around at me. ''My apologizes, ladies first.'' Danial said. I skipped out and Danial closed the door and locked it. I opened the car door and got in the passenger seat. Danial got in the driver seat. ''Lets hope that Samuel won't bust in again.'' Danial hoped. I almost forgot about that fox. Danial started the car and went to the restaurant.

The restaurant was ''Denny's restaurant.'' Danial parked the car and got out. Then he opened my door and I hopped out. I followed Danial inside.

Once we got in, one of Mozart's music was playing. And a guy with a black suit was waiting. ''Excuse me sir, pets are not allowed here.'' The waiter said. ''I'll pay for any damages she does.'' Danial bribed. ''Well, alright... right this way sir.'' The waiter ordered. We followed the waiter to a table. The waiter stopped. ''This is your seat, enjoy!'' The waiter told us. ''Thank you.'' Danial thanked. The waiter left and Danial picked me up, then put me on the seat. Then Danial sat beside me. The seats were combined. Danial looked at his menu, but I couldn't look at mine... I didn't have thumbs. I whimpered to Danial. Danial glanced at me and shared his menu.


 Pork chop served with Mexican rice and salad.

 Chicken tortilla with the side dish of noddle soup.

 Roasted chicken

 Fine Gotham feast served with Joker's smiling pancake.

 Op'Hillie boar meat.

I pointed at the pork chop. ''Pork chop eh?'' Danial asked. I nodded. The waiter came and asked Danial what we would like. ''Pork chop with roasted chicken.'' Danial replied. ''Anything else?'' The waiter asked. ''No.'' Danial replied. ''Alright... your food will come in a minute, enjoy.'' The waiter informed. The waiter left. Danial ate another biscuit. A crumb fell in front of me. I looked up. A shadow was there eating a steak. He looked down at me. ''Oh hello Jenny.'' The shadow greeted. ''Hello Samuel.'' I greeted back. ''Hows your fine day going?'' Samuel asked, taking another bite of his steak. ''Pretty good.'' I replied. Samuel ate the last piece of his steak. ''Well, better be off, the world awaits.'' Samuel said, escaping through a tiny hole in the roof... it looked like it was breached a few minutes ago. ''So hows the restaurant right now Jenna?'' Danial asked. I wagged my tail to mention it was okay. I then put on a curious face to know how it was like for him. ''Well... this place is a dump, but you make it heaven.'' Danial charmed. I smiled and we both stared at each other, then we rubbed cheeks against each other. The waiter came with our food five minutes later, and I feasted on the pork chop. In ten seconds it was gone. Danial ate the Mexican rice and salad. ''Alright... good meal.'' Danial complemented, rubbing his mouth with a napkin. Danial paid the waiter. And Danial carried me to the car. And we gone home with stomachs full.

Chapter 15

 Four days left

''Good morning America! just 4 more days until the solar-'' Danial petted me on the head. ''Good morning Jenna.'' Danial said. I hopped off of Danial. Danial got up and stretched. What can we do today Jenna?'' Danial asked. ''I don't know..' I replied in the moonlight candle's range. Danial thought for a moment. ''Mega mind?'' Danial asked. ''Sure.'' I replied. Danial left to purchase Megamind. And I remained alone, I hopped on the TV and cycled through the stations. ''I got move like Jag- Tonight's gonna be a good n- Kowalski... options!'' I stopped and watched the penguins of Madagascar.

Danial got back and was relieved to see me okay and conscious. We watched Megamind. And Danial told me a true fact: the best Antagonist is the most unexpected one, just like dawn of the bounty hunter. And Megamind lasted until night, Danial brushed his teeth... and I fell asleep on Danial's warm body.

Chapter 16
 Three days left.

''Good morning America! just three more days until- I opened my eyes, I was flipped over, my tiny paws hovered above me. ''Danial?'' I requested. ''Yes Jenna?'' Danial asked. ''Did you... flip me over last night?'' I asked. ''Yes, and for a reason.'' Danial replied. ''And whats that?'' I asked. Danial started scratching my stomach, and I panted rapidly... my legs started running, and Danial was laughing. Danial stopped and I panted slowly. Danial kissed me on my head and laughed. I kissed Danial back.

Me and Danial did absolutely nothing that day.

Chapter 17
 Two days left, seriously.

I watched the sun rise that morning. Danial patted my back and watched the sun rise as well.

 And then, we watched the fox and the hound.

Chapter 18

 One day left.

I woke up, the radio wasn't on, and it was 12:00 AM.Danial woke up as well. ''Whats wrong with the radio?'' Danial asked. Danial looked at the plug, it was connected. Danial pulled it out and plugged it back in, nothing. Static then came on. ''Hello humans... tomorrow, you shall see a shadow of fear that sweeps across your very town. You must beware that we're willing to end anyone's life. So prepare yourselves for the new Zetalo...'' The radio guy said. Danial rapidly pressed the OFF button, but it wasn't going off.

Chapter 19

 The solar eclipse.

It was night, and the moon as rising in front of the sun. ''This is it Jenna.'' Danial said, smiling. We both watched the moon outside. The eclipse casted the shadow and everything was dark. Then... the eclipse was over, but it was still dark. I squinted to see what was causing it. ''What is that?'' Danial asked. We saw shadowy figures, they looked like men... without legs. I managed to see one snake... and that snake had golden shoulder pads. He stood in front of the army. Danial scooped me up. ''We better go.'' Danial said urgently. The man with the shoulder pads raised a sword, and the army battle cried. Danial opened the door and closed it behind him. ''What were those?'' Danial asked. We heard lightning... and everything was silent. Danial hugged me. Then... I heard whistling... air whistling. Danial started running toward the basement, but an explosion emitted behind Danial, and we both flew toward the wall. Fire was spreading everywhere. I was almost blinded. But more motor shells breached our home. ''Jenna... run!'' Danial ordered. I felt like it, but I didn't want to leave him, I put my paw on Danial's hand. ''I ain't going anywhere.'' I said. Danial smiled. The door was being breached, and it busted down. It looked like a bunch of naga, just without the fish spines. The snake with golden shoulder pads came in first. ''Knock 'em out.'' He ordered. A snake with samurai armor came in and hit my head with a club. I started seeing stars and then black...

Chapter 20

   In prison.

I woke up, I felt like something was over me, it was Danial's coat. And a moonlight candle glowed on a desk next to me. I glanced around. Danial stood by the barred door. He glanced at me. Then came over to me and hugged me. ''Thank goodness, you're alive.'' Danial said. ''Where are we?'' I asked. ''In some prison...'' Danial replied. Pain surged into my head. I grunted and put a paw on my head. Danial rubbed the wound and put my paw down. ''Relax, there's a scratch mark on your head from that club.'' Danial eased me. I relaxed. ''I could tell you two are special.'' Someone with a deep voice said from the door. We both glanced at who said that. A green naga with light blue eyes was there. ''What do you want?'' Danial asked. ''I wish to warn you.'' The naga said. ''My name is Mileon, I own a council called ''the Earth mother's council.'' Mileon said. Mileon opened the door and approached me. ''Back away from her!'' Danial demanded, blocking Mileon from approaching me. Mileon stopped. ''Do you really think I'd harm her?'' Mileon asked. ''Yes!'' Danial growled. Mileon pushed him and put a hand on my wound. I could tell Danial was worried. I saw glowing from the top of my head... an my wound felt eased. ''How did you do that?'' I asked. ''It's a power that we Earth mother council members posses.'' Mileon replied. ''A heal?'' I asked. Mileon nodded. ''Listen carefully now, you have been captured by snakes that serve the god Medusa.'' Mileon said. ''Medusa?'' Danial asked him.  ''Yes, they're going to separate you two and make you both do three days of labor.'' Mileon continued. ''Is that it?'' I asked. ''No, you do well... you can be released early.'' Mileon continued. I saw the snake with golden shoulder pads staring at us from the barred door. I gasped and Mileon turned around. ''Telling our plans Mileon?'' The snake asked. ''Yes, Zanzos.'' Mileon replied. ''Zanzos'' had an angry expression. ''Medusa ain't going to like this.'' Zanzos said, continuing down the hall. Mileon glanced back at me. ''They're going to turn Danial into a snake.'' Mileon informed. ''What do you mean?'' I asked, hoping I heard Mileon correctly. ''Medusa hates humans, and she turns them into snakes... just like Zanzos.'' Mileon said. ''How come Zanzos is so important? is he your friend?'' Danial asked. ''No, however: he's the leader of this invasion.'' Mileon replied. ''Mileon! come 'ere.'' Someone ordered. ''I must go.'' Mileon said, leaving the cell. Yelling came from the end of the hallway. ''All humans! get out of your cells! otherwise: we'll poison all cells in 10 seconds!'' Zanzos yelled. Danial glanced at me with worried eyes. ''Hurry up!'' Zanzos rushed. Danial got out and he walked to the end of hallway, along with other humans. I was about to faint. ''All animals proceed to the OTHER end.'' Zanzos announced. I got out of the cell and followed the other animals to the other end of the hallway.

Zanzos was at the other end of the hallway. I sat in an empty spot near a panther. ''Hey, my name is Jin.'' The panther introduced herself to me. ''Jenna.'' I introduced myself to Jin. Thunder crashed and I glanced on Zanzos, Zanzos was holding a gun that was pointing at the ceiling. Zanzos and several other snakes were with him. Zanzos lowered the gun and put his hands behind his back. ''Attention, you all are possibly curious of why you're here...'' Zanzos guessed. ''...You're all going to do three days of hard labor... you all will be sent to Amon-... I mean! warden Decay, he will explain everything else.'' Zanzos continued. Guards came in from the entrance and pushed everyone to another door. I stayed next to Jin.
Once we went into the room we were being pushed in, we were actually on a ship. Two snake guards closed the doors behind us. There were three snakes still here. One snake that had orange scales and a gas mask and a.. prop with a fire burning at the end of a stick.
Another with a Texan hat and a long gun with a barrel on the top of it.
The last with a white cloth covering his mouth, he looked like a doctor.
A red cat between the Texan one and the doctor. The red cat had teeth sticking out of his top jaw. Jin leaned close to my ear. ''That's warden Decay.'' She pointed out. ''What kind of animal is he?'' I asked. ''A devil cat.'' Jin replied. The Texan one saw us and aimed his long gun at us, a red dot was on my chest. Decay lowered the gun. ''Greetings, my name is warden Decay. You were already informed that you would do 3 days of labor, however: you do good... you could be set free and have two wishes that you desire, work bad: you will be painfully cut into pieces.'' Decay informed. I swallowed. ''Today is day one, you will be making us money so that the snakes can continue with their invasion, and today: you will be working in the mines.'' Decay said. ''But we don't have hands.'' A wolf with blue eyes and fairly light grey fur said. ''You're pick axes are not for hands... they're for your helmet you're wearing.'' Decay replied.

We were shipped over to a mine, they gave each of us a helmet with a drill. ''This is odd.'' I told Jin. ''Agreed.'' Jin replied. ''Get mining!'' Decay yelled, whipping some of us. He whipped me and I bled quite badly. There was pushing in the dark mines, I went over to some Quartz and pressed a button on my helmet that activated the drill, the drill spun and I rammed into the Quartz. Ore rained from it, I pressed another button on my helmet that trapped the ore into the helmet. Jin separated from me. I went deeper into the mines. It got dark and it was empty. I activated a flash light on my helmet. I stopped and found an amazing discovery. I activated the drill and mined diamond.

We only had ten minutes and several of us came with depressing results. I came over to Decay and released the ores in my helmet. He was astonished. ''Move along.'' Decay ordered softly. I walked with the others. Jin came over to me. ''What did you mine?'' Jin asked. ''Quartz and some diamond.'' I bragged. ''Nice... I mined lots of Gneiss.'' Jin replied. ''Nice.'' I joked. Jin chuckled but was then whipped. The pain in my back was painful.

Chapter 21
   Impressive results are to be paid.

We were in wooden cells, Jin was far from my cell. ''Don't I get paid for my results?'' I asked my guide. The Texan ranger glanced down at me. ''Yeah, and we're payin- it right now partner.'' The Texan guy said, shoving the gun into my body.'' I went into the cell and he closed it. He stood there and guarded my cell.

At night, I slept alone. A tear went down my cheek. But my cell door opened and I glanced at the door. Zanzos was there smiling. ''Congratulations.'' He congratulated. Zanzos grabbed someone and pushed him in. It was Danial! I smiled and hopped into Danial's arms. He hugged me. Zanzos closed the door and looked surprised. ''This is... odd.'' He muttered, slithuring out of sight. Danial put me down and dusted off dirt that was on my face. ''I'm glad to see you're okay.'' Danial said. I barked happily. Danial put a band-aid on my wound. Danial then punched the wall with his hands, it first cracked and then broke off a small piece. Moonlight filled in the place. ''Whats going on over there?!'' Someone asked. Danial grabbed me and he laid down on the bed. He used his coat to cover me and he put me next to him on the solid metal bed. The snake with the gaskmask came by holding a lantern. He opened the cell door and I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. ''How did this wall here break?'' The snake asked himself, he had an Australian accent. I felt Danial being hulled away. ''Well?'' The snake asked. ''So Jenna can talk.'' Danial replied. I opened my eyes and glanced at Danial. ''So she can talk?'' The snake asked again. ''Yes.'' Danial replied. ''Schultz!'' The snake called. I heard slithering and and the doctor snake peered his head out. ''Ja?'' Schultz asked, I didn't know what accent he had. ''Do you still have that medicine?'' The Australian snake asked. ''Ja, I still got zit in storage.'' Schultz replied. The Australian snake glanced at Danial and let him go. ''Give her to us mate.'' The snake ordered. ''Why?'' Danial asked. ''Weren't you listening? we're going to give her a little poison that will make her talk anywhere at anytime.'' The snake replied. Danial glanced at me. I nodded to surrender myself to them. Danial shoved his arms under my stomach and picked me up. Then he handed me over to the Australian snake. His lantern hung from his belt. Danial handed me over to him. The Australian snake's hands felt all scaly. He went out of the cell and he followed the doctor snake. ''Who are you?'' I asked. ''How rude of me, my name is Rohiv, Sergent of  the ???'' Rohiv replied, I didn't know what he said. ''What did you say?'' I asked again. ''I said, I'm Rohiv, Sergent of the Terror fold. Rohiv replied again. ''Whats the ''Terror fold?'' I asked. ''Snakes that serve the fire god named Pheonix and the underworld owner named Hades.'' Rohiv replied. I didn't ask another question. We reached Schultz ''office''. Rohiv laid me on the white ketchup-stained table in the center. ''Why is there ketchup all over the room?'' I asked. ''That's blood.'' Rohiv replied. I swallowed. ''Rohiv, do zou mind leaving?'' Schultz ordered. Rohiv left the office. Schultz was searching drawers and the desk top in front of me. ''What is the name of this medicine?'' I asked. ''Zit's a poison, and it has no name.'' Schultz replied. ''Poison?'' I asked. ''No, it won't kill zou or make you have any diseases.'' Schultz calmed me down. I sighed in relief. ''Here zit is.'' Schultz said, holding up a thing and small shot with green stuff. ''Really?'' I asked. ''Ja, now we must schnell, because I have a lot more other patients.''Schultz said. ''What language or accent are you speaking anyway?'' I asked. ''German.'' Schultz replied. ''German?'' I asked, desperate for an answer. ''Zou never heardz of German? Americans.'' Schultz muttered. Schultz went over to me and aimed the shot at my body. ''Hold ztill.'' Schultz injected the shot and I suddenly felt tired and fell asleep, I felt Schultz's hand stroke across my body. ''Zweet dreams my patient.'' Schultz said...

I woke up. A shot was in my brain, Schultz pulled it out. ''What was that?'' I asked. ''A zleep poison.'' Schultz replied. ''What? why?'' I asked. ''Zis poison zat I injected into your brain makes you talk to humans, and zy last patient that I attempted zo put zis poison into won't ztop struggling.'' Schultz replied. I rubbed my head with my paw, I had a headache and everything was stretching. ''Danial is ztill in his cell, go ahead and go.'' Schultz said, petting me. I hopped off and went to my cell.

I approached Danial, he smiled and kneeled down at me. ''Hows it feel?'' He asked, putting his hand on the back of my head. ''It feels good.'' I replied, smiling. Danial smiled, I knew that he could understand me. We both rubbed cheeks against each other. Danial raised his head. ''They changed our bed to a more comfortable bed.'' Danial informed. ''Really?'' I asked. ''Take a look.'' Danial replied, I glanced at the bed. It was no longer steal, it was actually fluff.

When we were in bed, I didn't sleep on Danial this time. It was cold like winter. I started shivering. Danial took off his coat and put it over me. ''Danial, won't you shiver too?'' I asked. ''I'll be fine, I promise.'' Danial replied. I smiled, if Danial were ever to be a wolf like me... we would always be together.

Chapter 22

 Day two

I woke up. A bell was ringing. ''Wake up prisoners!'' Decay called. I hopped off of Danial. Danial got up and stretched. ''Good morning.'' I said to Danial .''Not really a ''good morning''.'' Danial replied. The cell doors opened and I went to the other end of the hallway, where Decay was standing. All the other animals did the same. Jin walked with me. ''How was your sleep?'' Jin asked. ''Not bad.'' I replied. Decay smiled at his prisoners. ''Today is day two, you all will be racing each other... for a purpose.'' Decay informed, smiling. ''Something's wrong here... why is he smiling?'' Jin asked. ''Also, a wolf named Jenna will stay here... for another mission... what are you still doing here?!'' Decay asked, whipping some people. Everyone moved, including me... I didn't know what Decay wanted with me, but I didn't want to find out. Zanzos grabbed me and pulled me out of the line. ''I thought warden Decay made it clear about ''you're staying with us.'' Zanzos said. I glanced at Jin, she nodded and wished me luck. ''Who was that panther?'' Zanzos asked. ''Jin.'' I replied. ''A friend? I'm guessing.'' Zanzos guessed, smiling. ''Yes.'' I replied. ''How about, you get more impressive results, I offer you a third wish.'' Zanzos bargained. ''Really? since when were you so light with your prisoners?'' I asked. ''You taught me something I wouldn't forget Jenna... love.'' Zanzos replied. ''Are you saying you never saw love?'' I asked. ''Yes, it's why I joined the snakes in this great invasion... we all see humans as blood-thirsty beast.'' Zanzos said. ''Is that why you pulled this invasion off?'' I asked. ''I think you know the answer to that.'' Zanzos replied. Everyone went out of the door and Zanzos put me down. ''You're going to do something a lot different.'' Zanzos said. ''And that is?'' I asked. ''You're going to go to the demon lands and mine some blood stone.'' Zanzos said. ''Demon... lands?'' I asked, curiosity in my voice. ''Don't tell me you don't know what the demon lands are.'' Zanzos begged. ''No.'' I replied. ''The demon lands is where the fire god, Pheonix, lives... he enslaves the evil dead, or even kill them so they can permanently be dead in the underworld.'' Zanzos replied. ''Will I be alone?'' I asked. ''No, Rohiv will be there and so will Dillon or whatever his name is.'' Zanzos replied. ''His name is Danial.'' I growled. ''Don't bark at me girl.'' Zanzos demanded, grabbing my neck and shaking me. I got dizzy. Zanzos unhanded me. ''I suppose I shouldn't work for you.'' I refused. Zanzos pulled out a red sword. ''Do you know what this is?'' Zanzos asked. ''A sword?'' I asked. ''A Pheonix sword, it can ignite you with one slash.'' Zanzos replied. ''Fine... I'll do it.'' I said. ''Good girl.'' Zanzos said, anger in his voice. He unsheathed his sword. ''Alright, here's the plan... you're a creation of Nepmoon-'' ''Nepmoon?'' I asked. ''The god of water, Pheonix's brother but Pheonix hates Nepmoon.'' Zanzos replied. ''But... how?'' I asked. Zanzos growled. ''And since you're Nepmoon's creation, he sees you... you're dead...'' Zanzos said. ''So how do we avoid that?'' I asked. ''Rohiv is part of the Terror fold, who serve Pheonix and Hades. He will distract Pheonix and you sneak through a bunch of slaves... the slaves might help you. And there will be a mine at the right of you once you enter the demon land portal.'' Zanzos informed. ''Is that all?'' I asked. ''Yes.'' Zanzos replied.

Chapter 23

 The mine in the dark.

 The decent into the demon lands. ''I peered my head into the demon lands... we were on a red rock cliff. Danial walked in. Rohiv stood there with his hands behind his back. '' It's 'bout time you two came.'' Rohiv said. ''We already know the plan.'' I replied. ''So I hear mate, anyhow... you two will go on my signal.'' Rohiv informed. Rohiv showed the signal. When his hand just jumps up and down three times on the air. ''You ready mates?'' Rohiv asked. ''We're ready.'' I replied. ''Well I'm not.'' Rohiv said, going over to a roofed red stone area. I saw a red wolf down there... Rohiv approached him. And drew his attention toward the opposite side. Rohiv started talking to Pheonix. Then, he made his hand jumped three times. ''Lets go.'' Danial whispered, we snuck toward the right where the mine was. Cats that looked like warden Decay were pulling chains. Danial went into the mine first, holding a pick axe.

Once we got in the mines, tiny furry creatures hopped in front of us... they had sharp teeth at the bottom of their jaws. ''What are those?'' Danial asked. One of them glanced at us and growled. We backed off. And the creature continued hopping off. We both continued on. Three red snakes were guarding a cross path. They didn't seem to see us. The three guards went t the left cross path. Me and Danial snuck into the right. I soon stepped on something, I lifted my paw and saw what it was. It was a red stone thing that looked like ore. ''Blood stone?'' I asked. ''Lets get this over with so we can go home.'' Danial whispered. Danial swung the pick axe at the blood stone, and after several lunges... we found something shining in it... Danial picked it up and put it in the bag I was holding with my mouth. ''What was that?'' I asked, slightly muffled due to the bag. ''I don't know, might it might do.'' Danial replied. I saw light coming from the entrance. ''Time to go.'' I said. Danial glanced at the light and we started running toward the other way. ''I hear running.'' Someone said. We reached a dead end. And we saw light. ''The bloodstone here is missing.'' Someone else informed. ''Someone is definitely in-'' That snake started sniffing the air. ''I smell... weakness.'' The snake said. ''Someone tell Pheonix, we'll stay here and make sure that they... whoever they are... don't escape.'' The snake ordered. A snake left and we were cornered. ''You two! what are you doing in here?'' Someone asked, it was Rohiv! ''Sorry General Rohiv, we caught the scent of fear.'' A snake replied. ''You two are being transferred elsewhere, watch the devil cats that are pulling the chains...'' Rohiv ordered. ''Yes Rohiv.'' Both of the snakes said, leaving. Rohiv held up a lantern and approached us. ''Both of you're presences are alerted.'' Rohiv whispered. ''How?'' I asked. ''A snake came to Pheonix and informed of weakness in this mine... you have a lower amount of time.'' Rohiv said. ''You better hurry to the portal.'' Me and Danial started walking toward the entrance of the mine. Rohiv followed us.
We got out of the mine and snuck up the cliff. Rohiv held out his flamethrower and the flame was right next to me. The fire caught me and I yelped in pain. Danial hugged me and eased my pain... however. Pheonix glanced at us. ''Rohiv is a traitor! get them all!'' Pheonix ordered. ''Better run!'' Rohiv ordered. We started running toward the portal. I tripped and Rohiv carried me. We dashed through the portal.

Once we dashed in, Rohiv looked back and released me. ''Looks like I ain't goin' back there again.'' Rohiv commented. ''What did you two get?'' Decay asked. I pulled out my blood stone Danial mined. Decay picked up the shining piece and everyone that was around (except me and Danial) looked astonished. ''An eye of Pheonix!'' Decay exclaimed. ''Whats an eye of Pheonix?'' I asked. ''Nothing, you two earned your freedom!'' Decay said. Every snake cheered and Danial and I smiled.

Chapter 24

 1 day of freedom.

I laid on top of Danial, and they gave us a blanket. It was very fluffy and soft. ''Good night y'all.'' Billy wished. Everyone left the room and Danial hugged me. And we both fell asleep.

I woke up, and hopped off of Danial. I went over to the cell door... everyone was gone. Schultz passed by me. ''Where is everyone?'' I asked. Schultz stopped and glanced at me. ''They're zoing labor.'' Schultz replied. Schultz opened my cell and I walked out. ''You're free to go and escape if you wish, make your three wishes too.'' Schultz said. I smiled, Zanzos really did promise me another wish. '' My first wish: I wish that Danial won't turn into a snake.'' I said. ''Deal, second wish?'' Schultz asked. ''I want Jin to be freed from hard labor.'' I wished. ''Deal, next?'' Schultz asked. ''My third wish is:... I haven't thought of it.'' I confessed. ''Zat's alright, take zome time to think about zit.'' Schultz suggested. Schultz slithered away and I was left alone. Danial was still sleeping, but I didn't want to wake him up. I went outside and went to the dock.

And out on the dock, it was night... and all of them here ( Texan guy, Rohiv, Schultz, and Decay.) I went over to Rohiv. ''Speak mate, I'll listen.'' Rohiv said. ''Why do you look different from the other snakes?'' I asked. ''You see mate, I first enlisted in the Terrorfold, and the Terrorfold offered me many presents, possibly more then what humans now call ''Christmas''.'' Rohiv replied. ''And what are those ''presents''?'' I asked. ''Power, strength, dominance, and the slight taste of fear.'' Rohiv replied. I wanted to change the subject. ''Did you ever watch the movie ''Balto''?'' I asked. Rohiv raised an eyebrow. ''What? whats a Balto?'' Rohiv asked. ''Never mind.'' I replied, turned my head back. ''Crikey, you're a curious one... it's your kind that make this place a little less... dull.'' Rohiv said, satisfaction in his voice. ''Well... I'm off now.'' I said. ''See ya later mate.'' Rohiv wished. I went over to the Texan one. He was over the dock, aiming his long prop over the edge. ''You speakin' to gunslinge' Billy, the finest and most pure shot in Texas.'' Billy greeted. ''Why did you enlist in Medusa's army?'' I asked. ''When I was born, I felt like I was king of the world... but my father don't treat me that way, no siree.'' Billy replied. ''What did he treat you like?'' I asked. ''Oh, I'm glad you ask that, he treat me more worse then a livestock cow.'' Billy replied. ''What is that thing you're holding?'' I asked. ''This here is a sniper rifle, I call him ''Killy Billy.'' Billy replied, running the body of his gun. ''Well... it's nice knowing you Billy...'' I said. ''See you later Jenna, at least some people be friendly.'' Billy said, aiming through the barrel on top of his gun. I went over to Decay. ''You speak to warden Decay, the most powerful devil cat on Earth.'' Decay greeted. ''Why are you doing this?'' I asked. ''I have to do this for my freedom, Medusa offers me paradise if I work for her, otherwise: I'd be ship straight to Pheonix and get my head chopped.'' Decay replied. ''Is that all?'' I asked. ''Yes, I know it's pointless to work forever... but it's better then doing nothing in the underworld.'' Decay replied. I walked away and slept on Danial until the night of release.

Chapter 25

 We survive together.

Danial and I walked off the ship, every prisoner was being released. We were the last ones to walk off. Billy, Schultz, Decay, Rohiv, even Zanzos stopped us. ''We're going to present gifts to you since you didn't think of your third wish.'' Zanzos said. Billy was the first to represent his present, I found this here food  in your house ruins, hope it can be of use to y'all.'' Billy said, giving us a bag of food. It had chicken, two bananas, four red apples, and pork chop. ''Your turn Schultz.'' Zanzos said. Schultz approached Danial. ''Zou know, you two aren't zo bad...'' Schultz complemented. ''Thanks.'' I replied, smiling. ''Perhaps zou two can make pups... here, have some more medicine, get zome pups.'' Schultz said, handing the talking medicine to Danial. ''Thanks.'' Danial thanked. ''Rohiv, you next.'' Zanzos said. Rohiv approached us. ''Well, I guess being fired from Pheonix's army was pretty much not so bad, at least I can be more free... take these, mates, a souvenir to remember me by.'' Rohiv said, handing Danial some matches. ''Decay, your turn.'' Zanzos said. ''I'm afraid I got nothing.'' Decay said. ''That's alright, well... we're off team.'' Zanzos said, everyone gone on the ship except Zanzos. Zanzos slithered over to us. ''You two are very special, I'm not giving anything but Mileon wished to give you something.'' Zanzos said, handing Danial over a compass. ''May your journeys lead to destiny.'' Zanzos wished. Danial nodded to Zanzos. Zanzos pounded his chest and slithered on the ship, and the ship left. Danial wrapped his arms around my body. ''Well... lets look for our home.'' Danial said, smiling. But once we turned around... there was our house, burnt to the ground. Danial sighed. ''Alright, looks like we're staying here for tonight.'' Danial informed. Danial wrapped his arms under my stomach and put my near a grassy cliff. It was very comfortable. Danial ripped the red rug that was leading up the left stairs, Danial ran over to me and rolled me over to the side and laid down the red cloth, then rolled me back. It was more comfortable now. Then Danial ripped off another piece and placed it under my head as a pillow. And the last piece he ripped was for a blanket. I smiled. Danial sat beside me and I closed my eyes. Danial stroking my back as I slept. I opened my eye and Danial was still not sleeping. ''Why aren't you sleeping?'' I asked. ''I'm not tired.'' Danial replied, stroking my body. ''Well... get some sleep, we have one heck of some repairing to do.'' I said. ''I will just stay up, go to sleep.'' Danial replied. I just closed my eyes and slept.

I woke up with fright, it was still night. Danial went over to me and put his two hands against each side of my body. ''Whats the matter Jenna?'' Danial asked. ''I just... had a nightmare.'' I lied. ''I doubt that, it's about me not sleeping ain't it?'' Danial guessed. ''Yes.'' I replied. Danial chuckled. ''Listen Jenna, it's okay... I'm here alright? I ain't going to die of fatigue on the trip, well... I suppose since you can't sleep, I'll sleep myself.'' Danial said. I smiled. Danial covered himself with the blanket while on his stomach and wrapped his left arm around me. ''Good night Jenna.'' Danial wished, kissing my cheek. I let my cheek touch against Danial's and I fell asleep.

Chapter 26

 A new mission.

I woke up. Danial was gone, I looked around and Danial was sitting there. He had a fire ignited in front of him. I didn't bother getting up but I had he urge to ask what he was doing. Right when I opened my mouth, he got up and came over to me holding a chicken leg. I wagged my tail and panted. ''Good morning Jenna.'' Danial greeted. Danial sat down and petted my head. ''This is your breakfast, so enjoy.'' Danial said. Danial put the chicken leg near my mouth. I bit it and pulled on the meat. Danial pulled it back and helped me separate the meat. Once the meat separated, I chewed on the meat. Danial stroked my body as I chewed. I swallowed and Danial put the chicken leg near my mouth again, and the cycle continued.
After I ate the chicken leg. Danial ate a banana and we stared at our house's debris. Danial took a look at the compass Zanzos gave him. ''So this was given to us by Mileon?'' Danial asked. Danial flipped it over, there was a tiny note on the back.

   Dear son and daughter of the Earth mother,

 I saw that your home was burnt to the ground, you probably have witnessed that, but anyway: this compass will point you to the most closest portal from your location, good luck on your journey... and remember... believe in the Earth mother, believe in Lojn.

''Who is ''Lojn''?'' I asked. ''I don't know, but we should probably follow it.'' Danial recommended, Danial packed up the bed (rugs), and we got moving.

10 miles traveled:

My legs gave away and I collapsed, Danial came over to me. ''My legs gave away.'' I confessed. Danial sneered. ''That's understandable.'' Danial said, shoving his arms under my stomach. Danial picked me up and hugged me, and we traveled some more,

15 miles traveled:

Danial started urging himself by talking about Balto. I wanted to get Danial's mind off of the pain in his legs. ''I spy with my little eye... something that starts with a B.'' I played. ''Bark?'' Danial guessed. ''Nope.'' I denied. Danial hummed in thought. ''I give up.'' Danial confessed. ''A bear.'' I replied, smiling. ''Oh, Jenna, I should've thought some more.'' Danial laughed, making me bounce twice so Danial can hold on to me some more.

20 miles traveled:

Danial stopped. He let me go softly and collapsed to his knees. ''What a long journey.'' Danial muttered. I went over to him, he smiled at my presence and petted me. ''We'll rest here.'' Danial informed. Danial put down aw rug as a soft surface for us to rest on. I laid down on top of it. Danial put down a blanket for me and then wrapped up a rug and put it down as a pillow. I rest my head on it. It was very comfortable. Danial laid down next to me and put the blanket over him, he turned to me and kissed my cheek. ''Good night Jenna.'' Danial wished. ''Good night Danial.'' I wished back. We both fell asleep.

Chapter 27
  The lost cub.

I woke up, Danial woke up too. Danial yawned and stretched. I got up and stretched too. I suddenly heard a high-pitched bear roar. We both glanced at the source. There was a bear cub, right near us. ''Uh oh.'' Danial jeered. We both backed up, Danial grabbed the food bag while backing up. I collided into something. ''Hey!'' I reacted. I touched the prop that I collided into... it felt furry. My eyes grew and I looked up A mother grizzly bear was right there. Danial grabbed me before the mother swiped her claws at me. The bear growled and roared and I couldn't understand her. Danial pulled a cleaver from the food backpack. ''Where did you get that?'' I asked. ''It came with the bag.'' Danial replied, setting me down. I growled at the bear. The bear approached us on all fours. Danial covered me with his arm. ''Stay away from us!'' Danial demanded. The bear still approached and reached Danial. Danial swiped at the bear and left a scar on the bear's face. The beat swiped at Danial, Danial leaped to the right. The bear glanced at me. I backed away but she approached me. Danial charged at the bear and swiped at her. The bear got hurt but swiped at Danial. Danial got hit and flew several feet away from the bear. The bear concentrated on Danial now. I had to be brave. I leaped toward the bear and grabbed her body with my mouth, and I started swinging my mouth left and right sot he bear can feel more pain. The bear swiped at me and got me. I flew and everything seemed to slow down. I bounced once and pain surged into my body, and I skidded along the grass. Everything was grey. I heard nothing but my heart pump slowly. I heard very distant footsteps echo. I then heard growling echo. I felt hands on my body. ''Jenna!'' Danial yelled, his voice echoed. The bear growled, and I didn't see the scene. My chin rested on the dirt, and my stomach was flourished with pain. ''Stand back!'' Danial yelled, his voice echoing again. The bear growled. ''We believe in the Earth mother!'' Danial confessed. I heard the bear stop, growl, and her footsteps echoed and the volume of them started getting lower. Danial turned to me, his knee was in front of my face. Danial ran out of my sight, his footsteps echoed. ''Don't... leave me...'' I begged, weakly. Danial came back and unwrapped the pillow rug. ''Can you walk?'' Danial asked. ''No...'' I replied, weakly. Danial wrapped his arms under my stomach and softly put me on the rug. I moaned. Danial started pulling the rug. And I healed along the way.

31 miles traveled:

Danial fell to his knees, breathing heavily. My sight was now restored and my heart was at ease. There was a big scratch on my body. Danial went over to me. I smiled at his presence. Danial kneeled down and laid his hand o my head, between my ears. ''Hows the wound?'' Danial asked. ''It's going fine here.'' I replied. Danial chuckled. ''That's my strong girl.'' Danial charmed me, wrapping arms around my neck and hugging me. I smiled. ''We'll rest here, regain your strength my angel.'' Danial charmed me. Danial wrapped a rug and made it my pillow, Danial lifted my head and put the pillow under my head and released it. I felt soft. The clouds started thundering. Danial grabbed the other rug and covered my whole body, including my head. Danial laid down beside me. Rain poured down outside. ''Is this rug... waterproof?'' I asked. Danial wrapped his around me. ''It's water-resistant, it should last.'' Danial replied. ''But why don't I feel it?'' I asked. I was about to peak but Danial stalled me. ''Let me see what it is.'' Danial stuck his head. ''Where did these trees come from?'' Danial asked. I peaked out, there were two trees that were sprouted next to us. Danial laughed. ''I guess Mileon is still watching us.'' Danial guessed. I smiled. ''It isn't Mileon... it is Lojn.'' I replied.

Chapter 28.

 Continuing forth.

I woke up, Danial was in front of me. ''Good morning sleepy head.'' Danial greeted, petting me. Danial held out a chicken leg, I bit it and tore off the piece.
Once I was finished with the chicken, Danial tested if I could walk. I got up slowly, slipped his right hand below my stomach in case I fell. Pain surged into my body and I would've fell if Danial didn't have his hands under my stomach. Danial sighed. Danial packed up the two rugs (except the long rug, the one I was using to relax) and we continued forth.

40 miles traveled, it was mid-day. However: we were stopped. Zanzos' ship came down in front of us! Danial dropped the rug that he was dragging me with. A drawbridge lowered and warden Decay was standing there. ''You aren't going anywhere!'' Decay yelled. Danial seemed to hear him. Danial pulled out the blood-stained cleaver. I tried to get up but the pain was unbearable. Decay walked down the drawbridge, anger in his eyes and his claws drawn out. ''What do you want?'' Danial asked. ''Your life is what I want, you two are obviously alive! and no one leaves my ship alive!'' Decay yelled. ''Then why did you allow the others to escape?'' Danial asked. ''They didn't..'' Decay replied, smiling. Danial growled. ''You duel me, stay away from her.'' Danial demanded. ''Once you die, I won't.'' Decay replied. Decay charged at Danial and leaped at him. Danial swung and Decay  was sent to the right. Decay growled and pulled out a crystal. It was that ''eye of Pheonix thing.'' Danial charged at Decay, but Decay had his eyes set on me. Decay fired a beam at me. Danial stopped and glanced at the approaching laser. Danial dropped the cleaver and leaped at the laser, I saw Danial get struck by the laser... A tear streamed down my eye. Danial's body twitched. Decay laughed. ''Danial!'' I gasped. I got up, ignoring the pain, and ran to Danial. I reached Danial... his heart rate was slow. Decay approached me. ''What a shame, your master is dead... and you're next!'' Decay yelled. The ground started shaking... I glanced around. Trees sprouted near Decay. ''What the?'' Decay asked. One of the trees grabbed Decay. The eye of Pheonix dropped. I ran over to it and grabbed it. ''Don't you dare!'' Decay hissed. Decay swiped at the tree branch that held him and freed himself. ''You don't even know how to use it!'' Decay laughed. The eye shook in my hands. And suddenly, Pheonix came out of it. ''No she doesn't... but I do.'' Pheonix said, smiling. ''Pheonix?! how did you-'' Decay was interrupted by Pheonix pulling him. Decay tried to run but Pheonix managed to pull him and grab him. ''Now! you shall do an eternity of hard labor! being whipped and no food forever.'' Pheonix said. ''Nooooo!'' Decay yelled, Pheonix made him fade, he glanced at me. ''Be gone insect! I wish I could destroy you right now, but my powers are now weak!'' Pheonix demanded. Pheonix faded ad the eye of Phoenix shattered. Danial moaned. I went over to him. I kissed his cheek. Danial smiled and petted me, but collapsed and coughed. I went over to the bag and unrolled the long rug. I placed it near Danial and I bit Danial's shirt and dragged him to the rug. Danial grunted in main. I placed him down and ran for the bag. I grabbed it and put it on the rug as well. I grabbed the end of the rug and started pulling it, but it didn't even budge. I started feeling wind around me... and the rug started moving. ''Thank you Turio.'' I thanked, I didn't even say that...

Chapter 29


I saw a green portal-like thing. I went into it.

Once I got in. Two snakes went over to me and helped me pull the rug. I collapsed, breathing heavily. Mileon came over to me. Mileon held out his hand and laid on my body, where the wound was... it didn't even hurt. Mileon's hands glowed green and the wound was gone. ''How did you do that?'' I asked. ''One does not learn, one must know.'' Mileon said. That sounded just like Nava from Balto two. Mileon went over to Danial. ''Can you heal him?'' I asked. ''Yes, the eye of Pheonix can be very deadly, only our powers can heal such a wound.'' Mileon replied. Mileon laid his hand on Danial's chest and shocked Danial. Danial coughed and opened his eyes. ''Welcome to the Earth mother's garden.'' Mileon greeted. ''Jenna?... did you drag me here?'' Danial asked, smiling. I nodded. Danial opened his arms. I approached him and he hugged me, 'I don't see how I could ever live without you.'' Danial said. We stopped hugging and glanced at Mileon. ''I'll show you both to your new home, the Earth mother has prepared you both with the proper home.'' Mileon informed. We both followed Mileon.

On the outside, it was a wide tree... but on the inside, it was like our house... ''This looks like our house.'' Danial said. ''Indeed, welcome home.'' Mileon greeted. ''Thank you, how can we ever repay you?'' I asked. ''Nonsense, the Earth is all I wish for... soon, my time shall pass... and I wish for everyone to believe in the Earth mother.'' Mileon replied. Mileon left and me and Danial sat on the bed, watching Balto three.

''So what do we do now?'' I asked.

And Danial said something that changed my life...

''We're going to get you... a mate.'' Danial replied.

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